Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Christmas in Raleigh

It started snowing here in Central North Carolina late in the evening on Christmas. It really came down over night and I woke up to around 6-8 inches around Raleigh. I went out to a few bodies of water that are near the house. The first is at the pond at Powell Park. The second is at Lake Raleigh, a place I love to shoot at for the wildlife as well as the landscape. There are some really incredible sunsets to be witnessed there. The third is at Walkers Pond, or at least that's what I call it. It's actually named White Oak Lake. I started calling it Walkers Pond when I moved to this neighborhood 10 years ago. There is a house across the water in this picture that the Walker Family used to live in. I've spent alot of time fishing there. I've worn a path around the bank, fished from the Walker's jon boat and crossed it many times in my little 10 footer. Mr. Walker passed away and Mrs. Walker sold the place not too long after and moved to the coast to be closer to her son Rusty and his family. I miss seeing and talking to her in that backyard....

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