Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silver at The Pour House in Raleigh

I went out to The Pour House last night to shoot some live music. The band that was playing is a band called Silver from here in Raleigh. I had never heard them before last night. I was very impressed with them. I always dig a 3 piece, some of my favorite bands are trios and I also played in a few myself, Bone Shelter being the most notable. If you're into Alternative Rock you should give them a listen, it's some pretty good stuff.  The bass player was very good. I always pay special attention to that being a bass player myself and this guy had chops.

Anyway, this was the second band I've shot. I shot a friends band about a year ago with not very good results.  I had very little wait, scratch that, NO knowledge of low light photography. I really enjoyed shooting last night. It was fun trying to capture the energy and emotion of the performance. It was an interesting perspective to watch through the camera lens after spending alot of time on stage myself. This won't be last band I shoot......

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Weekend - Linville Ridge, NC

We got up to Linville yesterday with plenty of snow still around. There were some bear tracks that Jim had discovered that were right behind the house and went down by the creek. You could see the claw marks in the snow on some of the tracks. After getting unpacked and settled we hit those trails on the ATV's. There are several miles of old logging trails up and down the mountain. The trails were still covered with snow making for a different experience than the last trip. We saw plenty of other tracks around the trails, some of which I think were bobcats. I would love to see a bear or a bobcat on this trip and get some decent shots of those creatures in the wild.

After our group trip around a portion of the trails I set out to get some sunset pics up on the ridge and some around the house and cabin. It was an amazing sunset with the bare tress, snow and a few clouds to add some texture.....see I told you I was a sunset junkie. Jim made his famous Moravian Spice Scallops for dinner. Along with sauteed spinach and mashed cauliflower, it was outstanding as usual. After dinner we settled in for a relaxing New Years Eve, far removed from the ones we all used to have. We all used to be out at the various music clubs around Raleigh. Whether my old band had a gig or we were seeing a friends band play, relaxing isn't a word I would use to describe the New Years Eve's of the past. I can say one thing with absolute certainty though, I felt better when I woke this morning than I used to on New Years Day.

It's been an overcast and rainy day so far and we're all just relaxing, reading by the fire....and laughing at Stella and Kanah doing their thing. I've been editing photos and now making this post, a perfect lazy start to the new year. Having said that, rain or not, I'm about to hop on an ATV and hit trails.....

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Trout Dreams - Linville Ridge, NC

I'm sitting here by the fire this evening editing pics, posting to this blog and waiting to head to Linville, NC in the morning. Some really great friends of ours have a place called Trout Dreams for the weekend. Their daughter and Kanah are the best of buds and are quite entertaining when they are together. We stayed there with them back in September of this year. This place is unbelievable, it sits on about 400 acres on the side of a mountain. There are miles and miles of logging trails and 3 ATV's to explore every bit of them. There is a ridge just up from the house that overlooks the valley and over a mountain range on one side. On the other you can see the swinging bridge at Grandfather Mountain. I could go on and on about the house and how cool it is. There is a picture of former President Jimmy Carter in the living room from a visit he made to the house. It seemed appropriate to post some pics of the last trip there on the eve of the next....

If you want to see the rest of the pics from the September trip, click on this link:

Lake Raleigh Sunsets

Lake Raleigh is located on N.C. State's Centennial Campus in Raleigh. It's one of the best places that I have found in Raleigh for sunsets. I am a sunset junkie, they are another one of the reasons I started talking photography as serious as I do. I would always take my point and shot camera with me on fishing trips just in case there was a catch that needed documenting. I found myself starting to watch the western sky to see how the sunset was going to play out more and more. I guarantee this will not be the the only Lake Raleigh sunset post on this blog....

Bogue Inlet Pier - Emerald Isle, NC

Speaking of Bogue Inlet Pier, as I did in my last post. It is one of my favorite subjects to photograph in the landscape around Emerald Isle. These are 3 of my favorite shots I have taken of it over the past couple of years.