Sunday, January 9, 2011

Silver at The Pour House in Raleigh

I went out to The Pour House last night to shoot some live music. The band that was playing is a band called Silver from here in Raleigh. I had never heard them before last night. I was very impressed with them. I always dig a 3 piece, some of my favorite bands are trios and I also played in a few myself, Bone Shelter being the most notable. If you're into Alternative Rock you should give them a listen, it's some pretty good stuff.  The bass player was very good. I always pay special attention to that being a bass player myself and this guy had chops.

Anyway, this was the second band I've shot. I shot a friends band about a year ago with not very good results.  I had very little wait, scratch that, NO knowledge of low light photography. I really enjoyed shooting last night. It was fun trying to capture the energy and emotion of the performance. It was an interesting perspective to watch through the camera lens after spending alot of time on stage myself. This won't be last band I shoot......

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